The flower so pure, such a sweet lovely prey -
An ideal victim to be led astray.
So shining no matter the thorny, dim way,
So ready to cheer one in gloomy, hard day.
So tempting to tame - yet she’ll never obey,
She cannot so bluntly get stuck with dismay.
Alike Oleander her look can betray,
She’ll never allow to be pushed to decay!
While being so kind, as a sober can say,
She is no defenceless when time comes to fray.
She never allows to be thrown in disarray,
Cause she shall preserve what is dear everyday.
She needs to be stronger then many may say
To be wise enough to keep all bad at bay,
To not let the darkness get her on the way,
To save what can grow, without looking away,
To stand her own ground without going insane...
The flower so sweet, such a pure lovely prey,
Yet better think twice not to cross the wrong way...
By Dante Heks (Eleonora)

Model, makeup, stylization: Dante Heks
Photographer: Contagious Reverie

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by Dante Heks
Thursday, 12 April 2018