Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,
If you didn't hear about me before - I am Dante Heks, a visual marketing specialist, what mostly includes duty of international model, photographer and sorceress of digital artworks, make-up and stylizations. Additionally I am a coach on a daily basis currently operating in Poland.
My carrier in fields of modeling and photography started soon after I’ve finished school of modeling in Ukraine. Since 2008 I took part in many projects and cooperated with designers worldwide. Being an Intelligent Beast with hungry mind I am constantly searching for new challenges, new personalities to cooperate with, new places to discover and new possibilities to have opportunities for making a good use of all my inspirations and ideas… Wouldn’t like to reveal a lot about my personality – I would rather leave it to you, to be discovered through my works and projects ^_~

Shop description

Business of the Intelligent Beast in fields of Modelling, Make-up/Stylisation, Photography and art projects.