Ultra Vires
The power dwells into the night,
It’s here, right on the line of sight.
Yet, not a soul would dare to touch,
No matter if it’s strong as such.
The force is not trying to hide,
Nor it’s afraid of the day’s light.
It hides no secrets in the clutch,
It hath this way or that, this much.
It’s divine creature on the outward side,
Whose nature is bizarre and bright.
Yet features, that thou fancy'st such,
Would not come on demand as arch.
If needed it would stand a fight,
But not to prove what’s wrong or right…
It waits on the night's hazy marge,
To see all those deeds, small and large.
Behold it’s wisdom storm'd by vivid light,
But core is clothed by the eternal fight,
The war within that can provoke the nudge,
And burn to ashes those who hold a grudge…
Therefore it’s here, not tamed nor touched,
Remains the same incorruptibly bright…
By Dante Heks.
Model, photographer, makeup, stylization: Dante Heks
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by Dante Heks
Wednesday, 4 October 2017