''I manage because I have to. Because I've no other way out. Because I've overcome the vanity and pride of being different, I've understood that they are a pitiful defense against being different. Because I've understood that the sun shines differently when something changes. The sun shines differently, but it will continue to shine, and jumping at it with a hoe isn't going to do anything.''
? Andrzej Sapkowski, The Last Wish

Model, makeup, stylization: Dante Heks
Photographer: Wild Caesar
Outfit creator: Mary-Ann's Workshop and Dante Heks
Hairstyle: Montownia Fryzur Wojciech Tymoszczuk
Sword: Ku?nia Kalcifer
White wolf aka Swiss Shepherd: Kira

by Dante Heks
Sunday, 26 August 2018